Content Marketing—An Orientation Session

The Wednesday Webinar on 6 January 2021, was replaced with an equally exciting session on Content Marketing. Smt. Janki Bavle, Assistant Manager-Branding and Marketing, CVV, led the workshop, providing an overview of what content marketing is and how to go about creating relevant content.

Starting with the two important parts of content marketing i.e. Creation and Promotion, she explained the different forms of content marketing, while stating that videos and blogs are the most powerful and important ones. Emailers are the trickiest, where the chances of losing a prospective customer is higher if we do not feed them the right content. She added that it’s easier to find the most common search topics by using Google or YouTube suggestions. Based on those suggestions, we can create our own contents on those topics.

While creating the content, the most important thing to aim for is to achieve the sweet spot of providing what we have while meeting the audience expectations. She shared examples from her own experience of how some brands won her loyalty by sharing content that she was looking for, rather than by simply trying to market their product.

Towards the end of the session, she introduced a keyword: ‘Buyer Persona’. Buyer persona is the representation of our target audience. We can have a buyer persona based on the different Schools we have or with respect to the Programmes we offer. Vice Chancellor Prof. Nagaraj Neerchal and Registrar I/c Dr. Soumya S. who were also attending the session, suggested two more perspectives: the parents’ perspective and of the students who follow common trends. She concluded the session emphasising the importance of the buyer persona and the ways we can engage them with good content to develop brand loyalty and create followers.