3-Day Online Faculty Orientation Programme

A 3-Day Online Faculty Orientation Programme (FOP) conducted from 24 to 26 August 2020, was an initiative of CVV’s Internal Quality Assurance Cell(IQAC) headed by Prof. Sreevalsa Kumar. This FOP was the first in the series of FOPs that the IQAC is planning to organise throughout the academic year. The programme was conceived to orient CVV faculty members to the common goal of excelling in the profession of teaching and to together explore CVV as a unique University.

The FOP was structured into six sessions, spread over three days. Topics ranging from CVV’s Vision, uniqueness, the Guru concept, activities beyond academics, to course designing and evaluation in CVV were presented and discussed. The programme got off to a vibrant start with the opening remarks of Prof. N. Jayasankaran, Advisor—Quality Enhancement. He highlighted the importance of sustaining the flame of knowledge and spreading it to a wider circle. The participants were also blessed and inspired with the enlightening message from Swami Advayananda, Trustee.

The first session was on the topic ‘CVV: The Beginning, Vision, Culture, Values and Quality Assurance’; the five elements that should be the foundation of one’s thought and action, being a member of the CVV family. The session was handled by Prof. Nagaraj Neerchal, Vice Chancellor and Prof. Gauri Mahulikar, Dean of Faculty. In the second session, Dr. Saurabh Singanapalli, School of LLS and Dr. R. Venkata Raghavan, School of PPSH, dealt with the topic ‘Uniqueness in CVV’s Academic Programmes and Courses’ and explained various concepts like de novo, Indian Knowledge Traditions, minor courses, self-immersion courses etc. The third session on ‘Design and Development of CVV Programmes and Courses’ led by Dr. Satheesh Varma and Dr. Ajaykumar K. (both from the School of PPSH), discussed how unique concepts were outlined into the framework of programmes and courses at CVV.

The fourth session provided a platform to realise and improvise oneself as a faculty and to rise from faculty to the higher concept of Guru. Prof. Sreevalsa Kumar, School of PPSH and Prof. Gauri Mahulikar presented the ‘Journey from Faculty to Guru”. In continuation of the previous session, Prof. Sreevalsa Kumar along with Prof. Nagaraj Neerchal discussed various ‘Academic and Academic Plus Engagements of University Teachers’ in the fifth session. A 4-dimensional model for the University faculty was presented in this session. The last session was on ‘Student Evaluation Patterns at CVV’, presented by the Controller of Examination Shri Krishnakumaran Thampi. The session was helpful to streamline the examination, assessment, attendance marking etc. especially since the classes and evaluation are currently online.

Faculty members from both CEG campus and CNBG campus, as well as a few members from the University administration wing, attended this FOP. The participants were encouraged to put forth their observations and queries during each session. The programme concluded with remarks from the Vice Chancellor and Dr. N. Jayasankaran. Both of them emphasized the importance of organising such FOP regularly to keep up the spirit of faculty members.