Online Quiz in Sanskrit

As part of the ‘Sanskrit Month’ celebrations an Online Quiz in Sanskrit was organised for high school (class 8 to class 12) and college (UG and PG) students—junior and senior level, respectively. The quiz, conducted via Google Forms, was kept open from 21 July to 19 August 2020.

The junior level received 2496 responses while the senior level received 4021 responses. The respondents were not only from India but from other countries including the US, UK, France, Venezuela, UAE, Oman, Cambodia, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Both the levels consisted of 20 questions with 5 points each. On answering the quiz, those who scored 50 points and above received an e-certificate of participation with their score on it. The junior level quiz had questions from Indic Knowledge Systems and Literature, puranas, ancient science and so on. The senior level quiz had questions from Sanskrit Literature, the various śāstras like Vedanta, Nyāya, Alaṅkāra and so on.