Nirvana – Exhibition on Media and Advertisement Psychology

Students of “Media and Advertisement Psychology” minor course conducted an exhibition, “Nirvana”, under the guidance of the course coordinator, Dr. Satheesh Varma at Puri Study area of campus on Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm. The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Gauri Mahulikar, Vice-Chancellor of the University.

The exhibition explored and reinvented the vistas of psychology, marketing, branding and advertising. The link between the domains were well demonstrated by using innovative models, informative presentation, interactive activities and self-explanatory infographics. The series of interactive activities at the exhibition captivated the audience as they got a chance to question their choices, comprehend their schemas, and learn the nitty-gritty of the application of psychology in the real world.


The exhibition covered six presentations depicting various contributions and influence of psychology in media and advertisements.

The presentation by Pranav Thiyagarajan and Cheerla Kavya expounded the application of psychology in marketing. They demonstrated the link between the 4Ps of marketing and psychology using real models and activities.

In the second presentation entitled “Will you buy dirty water to drink?”, the audience were baffled by Aditya Raja and Maju Mohan where they presented the concept of Guerrilla Marketing by enacting the UNICEF campaign, where dirty water was sold to make awareness on water pollution. As a part of their idea of reinventing marketing and advertising by making them more interactive and actionable, the students also created path breaking new interactive ads for a local bakery which was used as a currency to incentivize the consumer to take the poster off to the shop. Street Marketing and Stealth Marketing were also elucidated by them using live exhibits. They also promoted the yoga week in the campus through their stall.

Amrutha and Keerthi in their stall explained the modus operandi behind the promotion of alcoholic products like Bagpiper and Kingfisher using surrogate marketing technique. They also explained how Maggi noodles promoted their brand and kept the brand loyalty alive during the time of the government ban on their product.

Aditya Menon and Akhilesh explained the psychology behind dangerous online games like “Blue Whale” and “Momo Challenge” which led to suicide, mutilation and death of many. They created awareness about the same using preventive measures and interventions which a teenager can use to stay safe.

Sankalpa and Lakshmi Priya explained the myriad of influences that media had over the society. They analyzed the level of influences from a psychological and social perspective. The positive and negative aspect of the media were described by Sharmila and Parimala. Cyber Crimes and Security fallacies in the world were taken up and critically evaluated by Shruthi and Sreelakshmi.


Oddly enough, we had Joker and Nagavalli characters of popular Hollywood and Mollywood movies present at the exhibition. They caught everybody’s attention. Jyotis and Keerthana demystified the use of psychology to build up the characters in a movie. They analyzed the after effects of movies and debunked the deep levels of psychological, social, behavioural influence of movies on individuals.

The exhibition received wide accolades from the CVV community as Vinayak Rajat Bhat, Assistant Professor and Head of Vedic Knowledge systems shares his experience: “It was an eye-opening exhibition for every single person. Presentations about social media, surrogate marketing were directly reaching the mind in a very simple and understandable way. All presentation were informative and students expressed the ideas brilliantly. It showed me how we are being psychologically fooled by this marketing geniuses! Our Yoga week got a good advertising by street marketing. Overall, it was a very impressive and knowledgeable exhibition. I congratulate students for making this awareness happen. My hearty congratulations to Satheesh ji for guiding the students brilliantly and efficaciously executing the exhibition”.

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