NFSI 2019 – Technical Session 3 – Day 2

अद्य १७-१२-१९ दिनाङ्के अन्ताराष्ट्रीयसङ्गोष्ठ्यां तृतीये पत्रप्रस्तुतिसत्रे वैद्यः एम्. प्रसादमहोदयः अध्यक्षपदे आसीत्। सत्रे प्रथमा प्रस्तुतिः श्वेतापटेलवर्यया कृता। सा उक्तवती मनश्शास्त्रे केवलः औषधोपायः अन्तिमः उपायः न भवितुमर्हति। ओङ्कारजपः “Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder” इति मानसव्याधौ प्रभावपूर्णः उपायः वर्तते इति प्रत्यक्षप्रयोगेण सिद्धमस्ति इति तया प्रतिपादितम् । द्वितीयां प्रस्तुतिं वैद्यः ओमप्रकाशनारायणमहोदयः “Theoretical and Pragmatic challenges in Integrating Indian Knowledge Tradition (IKT) with contemporary health perspectives” इति विषये सम्पादितवान्। महोदयः उक्तवान् यत् अस्माकं परम्परा खण्डिता अस्ति। भिन्नभिन्नज्ञानपरम्पराणां मिश्रणं प्रचलदस्ति, यदस्ति सर्वथैव हानिकारकम्। तृतीयायां प्रस्तुतौ सोनीराजवर्या पारम्पारिकसिद्धवैद्यानां राष्ट्रे शासकीयस्तरे संरक्षणं संवर्धनं तेषां चिकीत्साव्यवस्थायां प्राधान्यं च भवेदिति अवदत्।

प्रायः पारम्पारिकसिद्धवैद्याः लुप्तप्रायाः सन्ति इदानीम् तया प्रतिपादितम् । सत्रस्य अन्ते अध्यक्षः एम्. प्रसादमहोदयः स्वविचारान् प्रास्तौत् ।

The pre-lunch Technical Session 3, at Paninih, had three paper presentations. It was chaired by Prof. Vaidya M. Prasad, Principal of Ashtamgam Ayurveda Chikitsalayam and Vidyapeedham.

The first speaker, Ms. Shweta Patel presented the ‘Effects of Chanting and Breathing Exercise on ADHD Symptoms in Young Children’. A brief introduction was given on ADHD and its prevalence. The speaker brought attention to the significant adverse effects of medication used for ADHD management. The efficiency of chanting AUMKAR in significantly decreasing symptoms of ADHD in children was stressed upon. She shared that AUMKAR chanting has been observed to have improved concentration and memory, calmed the mind and increased grip in fine and gross motor skills in children with ADHD. She concluded by emphasizing a holistic approach for better ADHD management.


The next speaker, Mr. Vaidya Omprakash Narayan presented ‘Theoretical and Pragmatic Challenges in Integrating Indian Knowledge Traditions with Contemporary Health Perspectives’. An insight was given into the background and history of traditional medicine systems. He briefly addressed the current scenario of medicine and the defects in the education system, public health care as well as research. Solutions to address these issues were proposed. The speaker ended the presentation by pointing out the necessity of an interdisciplinary approach to research rather than an intuitive approach.


The last paper titled ‘Involvement of Intellectual Property Rights in Traditional Medical Knowledge and Siddha System’ was presented by Ms. Sony Raj SS. Various reasons of bio-piracy including the lack of consensus among nations were pointed out. The absolute need for legislation to protect traditional Indian medicine was stressed upon.


The session ended with valuable suggestions from the Chair as well as the audience.


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