NFSI 2019 – Technical Session 3 (Parallel) – Day 2

17.12.2019 तमे दिनाङ्के चिन्मयविश्वविद्यापीठे NFSI अन्ताराष्ट्रीयसङ्गोष्ठ्यां डॉ. शिल्पा पण्डितवर्यायाः आध्यक्ष्ये प्रवृत्ते शोधपत्रप्रस्तुतिसत्रे डॉ.जिगीषागलवर्या ‘Songs of bliss: As sung by lovers’ इति शीर्षकोपेतं शोधपत्रं प्रस्तुतवती। मनसः स्थिरता आनन्दस्य मुख्यं कारणम् इति सा स्वविचारान् प्रत्यपादयत् । तदनु श्रीमती रुबईशहावर्या ‘Nishkarma karma of the श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता – its implication’ इति शीर्षकोपेतं शोधपत्रं प्रास्तौत् । अनन्तरञ्च डा.एल्. सम्पत्कुमारवर्यः दुर्गालक्ष्मीवर्या च संयुक्तरूपेण ‘Purushartha perspective vis-a-vis the Tirukkurall and the Gita’ इति शीर्षकयुतं शोधपत्रं प्रस्तुतवन्तौ ।

तिरुक्कुरलभगवद्गीतयोः  चतुर्विधपुरुषार्थपरामर्शः पत्रेsस्मिन् विहितः ।  सत्राध्यक्षवचोभिः सत्रमिदं परिसमाप्तम् ।

On Day 2 of the NFSI 2019, the third Technical Session was split into two parallel tracks. The session was chaired by Dr. Shilpa Pandit, Associate Professor of Psychology at CVV and Coordinator, NFSI2019, and included three paper presentations on the theme of Consciousness and Well-being.

The first paper, presented by Dr. Jigisha Gala, was titled ‘Songs of Bliss: As Sung by Lovers’. Dr. Gala spoke about how the state of ananda can be achieved only when we alleviate ourselves from suffering and pleasure. She said this state of renouncing material pleasure has been beautifully captured in verses by Bhakti poets.


The second paper, titled ‘Niṣka̅ma Karma of the Bhagavad Gi̅ta̅ – Its Implications’, was presented by Ms. Rubai Saha, wherein she focused on the importance of carrying out one’s duties sans desires and without an ego-centric and result-oriented mindset.


The third paper was presented by Dr. L. Sampath Kumar and Dr. V. Durgalakshmi. Titled ‘Puruṣārtha Perspectives vis-a-vis the Tirukkuralḷ and the Gītā’, this paper discussed the philosophy of the four purusārthas mentioned in the two great works and drew parallels between the ideas presented therein.


All three papers were well-received by the audience and drew useful comments and suggestions from the Chair.

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