NFSI 2019 – Cultural Programme – Day 2

NFSI अन्ताराष्ट्रीयसङ्गोष्ठ्याः द्वितीये दिने १७-१२-१९ दिनाङ्के सांस्कृतिककार्यक्रमे डा. अपर्णानङ्गियारमहोदया ‘नङ्गियारकुत्तु’ इति केरलप्रान्तविशिष्टां नृत्यकलां प्रदर्शितवती। तत्र मिळ्हावादनाय कलामण्डलराजीवमहोदयः कलामण्डलनारायणनम्बियारमहोदयः च आस्ताम्। कार्यक्रमस्य आदौ महोदया अस्यां कलायां उपयुक्तानां चतुर्विंशतिमुद्राणां विषये व्यवृणोत्। अनन्तरं कूडियाट्टम् इति कलायां चतुर्विधाभिनयान् अष्टधा दृष्टिं व्यवृणोत् महोदया। अन्ते चिन्मयविश्वविद्यापीठस्य छात्रा आशिका मोहिनियाट्टं नाट्येन सहृदयान् अरञ्जयत।

Yet another enthralling and educational evening awaited the audience at NFSI 2019. It started with a lecture-demonstration on Koodiyattam, specifically on the form called Nangiar-koothu, by Dr. Aparna Nangiar, a highly talented and experienced artist from Thrissur, in Kerala. Kalamandalam Rajeev and Kalamandalam Narayan Nambiar supported her performance by playing the mizhavu. Aptly titled ‘Tween Oil Lamps and Copper Drums’, the presentation started with a brief insight into the origin and history of Koodiyattam as well as Nangiarkoothu and other related art forms. The artist explained different aspects of Nangiarkoothu such as angigam, vachikam, aharyam and so on. For angiga abhinaya, the Padapurappad was demonstrated as an example. For vachika abhinaya, several slokas were recited to explain the 21 different ragas of this dance, which are different from the ragas of music. It was also pointed out that these performers used Sanskrit, Prakrit and Malayalam as their language to communicate with the audience. Aharyam deals with the costumes and stage decorations for the performance. Similarly, in sattvika abhinaya, the focus is on eight different eye movements. Dr. Nangiar also demonstrated the pakarnattam in which the performer shifts between characters within a single performance. The narration is associated with the detailing of the theme. Finally, the rasa abhinaya was concluded by presenting different rasas like shringaara and karuna, among others.


This was followed by a captivating Mohiniyattam performance by Ms. Aashika Aanie Kuruvilla, a second-year B.A. Applied Psychology student of CVV. A brief introduction to the origin and history of this dance form was provided, together with a brief description of contemporary Mohiniyattam. After acknowledging her gurus, Aashika started her performance by performing a vandana. She gave a beautiful performance that was her interpretation of the Radha-Krishna story of unification and separation, before concluding with a shloka by Sri Adi Sankaracharya.


Thus, the day ended with a pleasant evening session that no one was likely to forget easily.

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