New Programmes Launched for Academic Year 2020

In view of the needs of the 20th century, the requirements in society and career prospects in the present and coming future, CVV has launched new programmes for the academic year 2020-21, through three different Schools.

School of Ethics, Governance, Culture and Social Systems

In light of the New Education Policy (2019) and with integrated teacher education programmes set to be the norm by 2030, two innovative, integrated programmes with a unique ‘Single Major–Single Pedagogy’ approach have been launched.

These programmes are aimed at preparing new-age teachers. The programmes allow aspiring secondary school teachers to do an in-depth study of the subject, while getting trained in pedagogy, assessment and classroom management.

School of Kalayoga

To open avenues into the world of performing arts for naturally talented aspirants, and into the world of careers in music for those passionate in the arts, two-year master’s degree programmes with a specialisation in three streams—Hindustani Vocal, Tabla and Bansuri—have been launched.

The programmes have been meticulously designed by educationists and renowned performing artists who see the value of both, a university education, as well as the gurukula method of teaching.

School of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Heritage

To meet the increasing demand for psychological understanding and application in diverse fields of service in India and abroad, a B.Sc. Applied Psychology Honours programme has been launched. The programme also aims at developing in students, a deeper understanding of the growing discipline of psychology with an Indian perspective, and promoting professional skill-based education.

All the courses of the programme are developed by experts incorporating graduate attributes listed by the American Psychological Association (2013) and UGC Psychology model curriculum recommendations (2016) to improve the job-readiness of the students.