Music Production and Arrangement Workshop at CNBG

From 23rd to 30th November 2023, students of the M.A. Music programme had the privilege of participating in an intensive 3-credit workshop on Music Production and Arrangement. This course was conducted in a workshop model by the esteemed external faculty, Shri. Ashish Keskar, delved deep into the intricacies and nuances involved in the production and arrangement of music, two crucial elements for success in the music industry.

The workshop aimed at equipping students with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of music production, offering hands-on experience in handling studio equipment, understanding recording techniques, mastering editing tools, and perfecting the art of mixing tracks. Shri Ashish Keskar, renowned in the field, guided the students through an immersive learning journey, providing invaluable insights drawn from his extensive experience. He introduced students to world music, who also got to know about the dynamics of Indian and western instruments. These were applied by the students in their assignments.

Key Highlights:

  1. Individual Assignment: Students had to decipher the chord sheet for songs chosen by themselves.
  2. Group Assignment: The class was split into five groups. Each group was assigned a genre, based on which students had to produce songs, starting from writing lyrics to making a finished product. The genres given by the faculty were: jingles, devotional songs, patriotic songs, romantic songs, signature tunes and mantra chanting. Students came up with beautiful original productions, much appreciated by the faculty.
  3. Studio Equipment Handling: Students were introduced to a wide array of studio equipment used in music production. They gained practical experience in setting up and operating recording gear, understanding the functionality of different instruments, and utilizing professional software.
  4. Recording Techniques: The course focused on the fundamental techniques of recording music. Participants learned about microphone placement, signal flow, capturing various instruments and vocals, and the importance of a conducive recording environment.
  5. Editing Skills: Understanding the significance of precision in music production, students were trained in editing tools and techniques. They learned how to manipulate recorded tracks, trim, align, and enhance audio elements to achieve the desired sound quality.
  6. Mixing Mastery: The intricacies of mixing tracks were explained. Students gained insights into balancing volumes, panning, applying effects, EQ adjustments, and creating a cohesive and professional sound.

The workshop sessions were a blend of theoretical concepts and practical hands-on training. Shri. Ashish Keskar shared real-world examples, and case studies, and engaged students in interactive discussions to deepen their understanding of the subject matter. Students attended a viva, where the faculty asked them questions pertinent to the course. The attached photos capture moments from the theory classes and the studio sessions, showcasing students engrossed in learning various aspects of music production and arrangement.

Overall, the Music Production and Arrangement course provided an enriching and immersive experience, empowering the M.A. Music students with essential skills and knowledge crucial for entering into the dynamic field of music production.