Monthly Research Presentation Seminar: Unveiling Innovation—Seminar 2

On 26 September 2023, CVV hosted the second seminar of the ‘Unveiling Innovation’ series. The seminar began with a warm and welcoming introduction by our esteemed Dean of Research Dr. K. Girish Kumar. Assistant Professor Dr. Abha Mohan (Assistant Dean) took the reins, setting the stage for a fascinating exploration of innovative research.

The heart of the event was the presentations by our dedicated research scholars. Mr. Srinath Mohandas, under the guidance of Assistant Professor Dr. Pramod Dinakar (Head, School of Ethics, Governance, Culture and Social Systems), spoke on ‘Holistic Development of Individuals: Perspectives and Practices from Ancient India’. This insightful presentation provided a unique perspective on personal growth.

Ms. Neeraja Sheth, under the mentorship of Dr. L. Sampath Kumar (Head, School of Linguistics and Literary Studies), explored ‘Pilradukhanvrithi: Freedom from Parental Sorrow—Insights from Selected Narratives from the Ithihasa and the Puranas’. Her research shed light on a topic deeply rooted in our cultural narratives.

Ms. Divya Ajay, under the guidance of Prof. Johnson Alex (Director, Research and Devel, presented ‘Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder in Adolescence’. This crucial exploration into mental health issues emphasized the practical relevance of academic research.

The presentations not only showcased the depth of research undertaken by our scholars but also highlighted the immediate relevance of their work in addressing contemporary challenges. Each topic offered a unique perspective on issues that affect our society.

The seminar concluded leaving attendees inspired and eager for more. The sense of enthusiasm in the air showed promise of such enlightening sessions in the future.