Meet the VC @ CVV

In these troubled times when students are riddled with uncertainty about their academic futures, Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth’s unique initiative titled ‘Meet the VC’ kept its promise of providing answers to their burning questions. An event which was truly one of its kind, the virtual meeting facilitated an interaction between applicants to the University and its Vice Chancellor, Prof. Nagaraj Neerchal, on 11 July 2020.

Dr. Satheesh Varma, Assistant Professor of the School of PPSH and the Chair of Admissions at CVV was also present to allay concerns related to admissions. The virtual gathering consisted of future students of CVV and a few parents, and was moderated by Ms. Neethu S Kumar, Assistant Professor of the School of LLS at the University.

The interaction began with a series of polls which involved all participants to understand their major concerns. Following this, a series of questions were posed to both the speakers by the moderator, ranging from unique features of CVV, the commencement date of classes in the coming academic year and their mode of delivery, to expectations regarding online classes, examinations and extra-curricular activities. CVV’s philosophy, policies, and processes related to admissions were also discussed. The discussions were also punctuated by polls for immediate feedback. There was also an open Q&A session where further questions from the participants were taken up and answered.

The session was a need of the hour and reassured all involved that at least at CVV, COVID would not be an obstacle to one’s academic hopes and dreams. Moreover, it gave the participants invaluable first-hand experience of attending online classes at CVV. The interaction ended with a call to connect with CVV’s diligent admission team for further queries.