CVV Readiness for Lockdown – Actions Taken

On 11 th March the state Government issued a directive to close down educational institutions till 31st March 2020. On the evening of 23rd March, a total lockdown was declared in Kerala. CVV was quick to act.

March 21, 2020: A meeting was convened with representatives from faculty, staff and IT to explore the possibilities of continuing academics as per time table, on Zoom.

March 23, 2020: A meeting was convened with cabinet members to form an Incident Management Team (IMT) to face any potential lockdown. The IMT was given charge of monitoring the situation and carrying out the required actions. IMT immediately implemented a campus lockdown and prohibited entry and exit of personnel, excluding essential staff and those on the exception list, who were instructed to take adequate sanitation steps before reporting for duty.

UGC directives on precautionary measures on the outbreak of coronavirus were sent to all students, staff and faculty. Classroom teaching on both the campuses was immediately cancelled till 31 st March 2020. It continues to stay that way based on the lockdowns announced by the state and central governments. Instruction is continuing online according to the academic continuity plan drawn up collaboratively by the faculty, staff and administrators.