Launch of ‘CIF Centre in CVV’

On 10th July 2023, Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth (CVV) signed an MOU with Chinmaya International Foundation )CIF) at Adi Sankara Nilayam, Veliyanad to launch ‘CIF Centre in CVV’. CIF & CVV will work together in the areas of preservation of Sanskrit, Vedanta and Indian Knowledge Systems, integrating them with Contemporary Knowledge Systems and spreading wisdom, by launching new courses, conducting workshops, conferences and other initiatives in order to benefit a wider section of students and community.

The event began with the opening prayers by Dr. Prabhavathy PN (Assistant Professor, School of Kalayoga, CVV). Swami Advayananda (Trustee, CVV Trust & President, CIF), Prof Ajay Kapoor (Vice Chancellor, CVV) Dr. Rahul Sharma (Registrar, CVV), Prof. Gauri Mahulikar (Academic Director, CIF) and Shri Rajesh Patel (Chief Sevak, CIF) lit the lamp. Following this auspicious beginning, the MoU was signed by Shri. Rajesh Patel, who represented CIF and Dr Rahul Sharma who represented CVV.

In his welcome speech, hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Ajay Kapoor welcomed the gathering. He thanked Swami Advayananda for his constant moral support and expressed happiness at the signing of the MoU. He noted that the sharing of resources and moral support will lead to synergised actions of CIF and CVV. He remarked on the global reach of CIF over the decades and hoped to reach out to the maximum people for the maximum of time, in line with Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda’s vision.

He read out Dr. AppaRao Mukkamala’s message (Managing Trustee, CVV Trust) who was unable to join the event. Dr. AppaRao noted the organic, natural partnership between CIF and CVV which is formalised now for mutual benefit, growing stronger and working towards building the nation.

In his benedictory message, Swami Advayananda observed the similarity in location, inspiration and vision shared by both institutions. Being located in the same campus and following Swami Chinmayananda’s words, CIF and CVV were bridging the gap between the East and the West, the past and the present, science and spirituality, pundit and public. CIF provides non-formal education whereas CVV offers formal education and both institutions work together in the cause of global capacity building through education with planned and organised efforts. They have come together to achieve greater heights in a systematic fashion. He invoked the blessings of the Almighty and Pujya Gurudev.

Prof. Gauri Mahulikar addressed the gathering following this. With a beautiful Vedic quote, she referred to the vision of CIF getting transferred into CVV, which she described as the connection between the past, represented by CIF and the present, represented by CVV. She also pointed out that just like the dvandva devatas whose brilliance and powers are enhanced when they come together, the coming together of CIF and CVV will also lead to growing together, achieving great heights collectively.

Prof. Sunitha Grandhee (Dean, Lifelong Wellness & Learning and Director, Centre of Applied IKS, CVV) presented a list of activities envisioned for the joint venture. The activities ranged from offering joint courses, conduct of joint events like workshops and conferences, collaborating with other universities and organisations, publication of books, sharing and building library resources, student exchange programmes and newer roles for the active involvement of CVV faculty in CIF activities. She committed to conducting two specific events in the near future—an international conference on Vedanta and Indian Psychology and a Certificate course on the Bhagavad Gita.

Pro-chancellor of CVV, Prof. Pasala Geervani offered felicitations She expressed delight at the launch of the MoU. She noted the identical goals of both the institutions which vary with the level and purpose of teaching. She remarked that the expertise of CIF is an asset for the young faculty and students of CVV. She urged the individuals of both institutions to work together keeping in mind the MoU’s objectives of generating and extending knowledge.

Brahmachari Ved Chaitanya from CIF invited faculty, staff and students of both institutions to share their ideas for making the vision of Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda a grand success. Shri Rajesh Pate expressed the tremendous responsibility that comes up in such a formal setting. He also said that the existing bond between the institutions will strengthen with the MoU and lead to realising the vision of Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda. He offered his prayers and wished for the success of the venture.

Prof. T. Asokan (Dean–Academics & Professor, School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems, CVV) remarked that this joint venture will help CVV score prestigious ranks in national rankings and obtain distinguished scores in national audits and accreditations and how this would eventually lead to establishing the unique identity of CVV on the global level.

Prof. K. Girish Kumar (Dean–-Research, CVV) said that though the institutions generally sign a lot of MoUs, their effectiveness and implementation remain questionable. He gave the analogy of two similar frequencies leading to resonance and said that the interests of CIF and CVV will resonate given the common interests indicating the successful implementation of the MoU.

Dr. Soumya S. (Director–Strategic Initiative, CVV), who was also the master of the ceremony, proposed the vote of thanks. The programme ended with a closing prayer by Dr. Prabavathy PN.