Kerala Piravi Day Celebration- 2022

Kerala Piravi v1.7

01 November, Kerala Piravi Day, marks the birth of the state of ‘Kerala’. The name Kerala is formed from the term ‘kera’ meaning coconut tree, and ‘alam’ meaning land. Keralam means the land of coconut trees. The day is celebrated with much fanfare.

Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth celebrated Kerala Piravi Day on 5 November 2022. On this auspicious occasion, the School of Linguistics and Literary Studies (LLS) organised an Ottan Thullal, a unique art form of Kerala. It was based on the theme of awareness against drug addiction, performed by Shri. Jayaraj V. (Excise Preventive Officer). 

The programme started with the lighting of a lamp by Dr. L. Sampath Kumar, (Assistant Professor and Head, School of LLS). After the invocation, Harsha Pillai (Assistant Professor of Malayalam, School of LLS) welcomed the gathering. She also spoke about the birth of Kerala and gave a brief introduction to Ottan Thullal, setting the stage for the performance.

The performance was powerful and appealing. Though the performance was in Malayalam, even those not knowing the language could understand what was being said.

After the Ottan Thullal performance, Shri. Jayaraj spoke on the evils and harmful effects of drugs. Dr. Sampath Kumar presented a token of appreciation to Shri. Jayaraj, on behalf of CVV, and the programme ended with a Shanti Mantra.