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Sanskrit Poetry writing

Kāvya-Rachana | Sanskrit Poetry writing

चिन्मयविश्वविद्यापीठेन 21-7-2020 तः 19-8-2020 पर्यन्तं समायोजिते संस्कृतमासाचरणकार्यक्रमे 1-8-2020 दिनाङ्के संस्कृतकाव्यरचनास्पर्धा अन्तर्जालमाध्यमेन समायोजिता । डा. एम्. सुदर्शनचिपळूणकरवर्येण सञ्चालितेऽस्मिन् कार्यक्रमे भारतस्य विभिन्नेभ्यः प्रदेशेभ्यः स्नातकस्तरे स्नातकोत्तरस्तरे च अधीयानाः 15 छात्राः भागं गृहीतवन्तः । पुरस्कारभाजां नामानि संस्कृतमासस्य समापनसत्रे 19-8-2020 दिनाङ्के उद्घोषितानि ।

One of the mega online events organised in celebration of ‘Sanskrit Month’ was a Sanskrit Poetry Writing competition for college students. A minimum of five verses had to be composed on a topic that was shared three hours before the competition that was held on 1 August 2020 at 11 am.

Three hours before the competition, visual prompts in the form of two photos were emailed to those who had registered for the competition. The participants had to compose a poem based on either of the two photos and submit it.

15 UG and PG students from different parts of the country participated. The winners were announced at the valedictory function. Veena V. Bhat won the first prize for her poem titled रज्जुगता बालिका and Praloy Nandi won the second prize for his poem titled भारं वहन्ति शिरसा स्वगृहे भवानाम्

Dr. M. Sudarshan Chiplunkar, Assistant Professor from CVV’s School of Linguistics and Literary Studies, coordinated this online event.

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