Kaivalyadham Visit – Yoga Course

As part of the 1-credit course on Yoga offered by Kaivalyadham (Yoga Institute), Lonavla, the second session of Yoga for Students of the Dept. of Kalayoga – CVV, Kolwan, was conducted at Kaivalyadham, by trained teachers on September 28, 2019. While the earlier session in August at Kolwan was a full day session, this visit to Lonavla included one session on Yogasana training by Shri Sandeep Wankhede and one on Yoga theory by Dr Rajani Pradhan, where she spoke in detail about the Ashtanga Yoga initiated by Sage Patanjali.

Lunch was followed by an interesting exchange programme where students of Kalayoga Dept. offered a half-hour concert for about 150 students of Kaivalyadham and, select students of Yoga there gave a thrilling demonstration of ‘Acro-Yoga’ to the background of Shiva Panchakshari Stotram.

The occasion was special as it was the last day of the 4-day Tattvabodh discourses by Chinmaya Mission’s Swami Swatmanandaji for the Kaivalyadham students. This was a grand culmination of his discourses. Swamiji addressed the students and blessed them for a great future in their respective fields.

The Kalayoga students were then taken on a Kaivalyadham tour. Swamiji and office bearers met the CEO, and everyone was taken to meet Swami Maheshanandaji, the current spiritual head of the institution.

The team left Kaivalyadham after visiting the Goshala and learning much about the real value of cows. A visit was also made to the neighbouring Narayani Dham where the students and faculty offered bhajan seva to Goddess Parvati.