International Paper Presentation at the University of Edinburgh, UK

Dr. Raisun Mathew, Assistant Professor of English at the Institute of Science and Technology, CVV, presented his research paper on ‘The Interplay of Intersectionality: Liminal Convergence of Race, Gender, and Space’ and participated in the panel discussion at the International Conference on Rethinking the Ecological Imaginary: Decolonial Ecologies and Black Feminism organised by the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH), University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom from 30-31st May 2024.

Dr. Mathew represented CVV by presenting the paper and participating in the panel discussion along with researchers from prestigious universities such as the University of Oxford (UK), Syracuse University (USA), University of Gothenburg (Sweden), University of Cape Town (South Africa), Tampere University (Finland), University of Basel (Switzerland), Erasmus University (Netherlands), Washington University (USA), University of Illinois (USA), University of Westminster (UK), University of Leeds (UK), Durham University (UK), and a few more including activists and independent scholars.