Industry Visit , Alungal Farms, Thammanam, Ernakulam

On 11 May 2023, a group of first-year BBA (Hons.) students, who were in their second semester, had the opportunity to visit ‘Alungal Farms’ in Thammanam, Ernakulam as part of their industrial visit. The farm, established in 1996 by Mr. A. V. Puruthothama Kamath, spans an acre and a half of land in the midst of the bustling area of Thammanam. It serves as a sanctuary for a range of medicinal and fruit plants, including some highly medicinal and endangered species.

The visit to Alungal Farms provided the BBA students with valuable insights into the operations of a farm and its environmental significance. The School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems (CKS) organised this visit, with Mr. Jayesh P. and Dr. Rakhy K. S., Assistant Professors at the School of CKS, accompanying the students. Mr. Aditya Sibi Achan, a first-year BBA student, was the student coordinator for the visit.