Independence Day Celebrations at CVV’s New Facility in Onnakkoor

Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth (CVV) Deemed to be  University lavishly celebrated Independence Day. This year’s Independence Day celebrations were held at the facility of CVV’s recently launched Institute of Science and Technology in Onakkoor

President of Chinmaya International Foundation Swami Advayananda hoisted the national flag. In his message, he said that India is all about unity. He also reminded us that national progress must be ensured through collective activities and not individual efforts. As we commemorate India’s journey to freedom, he urged us to reflect on the power of unity that has shaped our nation’s destiny. With profound insights, he discussed how each of us, regardless of our background, plays an essential role in preserving and cherishing the rich heritage that defines India. Through captivating anecdotes and wisdom, Swami Advayananda reminded us that our diversity is a strength that unites us, transcending differences and fostering a sense of belonging. He highlighted the importance of harmony, respect, and compassion in building a stronger and more inclusive India. His words, “India Is You, Me, and Everyone!” were inspiring. Let’s ignite a sense of pride and oneness that resonates with every corner of our incredible nation. He also said that the Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth Institute of Science and Technology will be crucial to the progress of the country.

Principal of CVV’s Institute of Science and Technology, Dr. Sudhir Babu Yarlagada; Project Director, Unnikrishna Menon; Dean of Academics, Prof. T. Asokan; and Dr. Sunitha Grandhee, Dean of Life-Long Learning and Wellness. Chief Operating Officer Ananthanarayana Iyer, Dr. Pramod Dinakar, and others too spoke on the occasion.

Independence Day was also celebrated at CVV’s Warriam Road facility in Kochi, where the Registrar Dr. Rahul Sharma hoisted the national flag. The Dean of Research, Prof. Girish Kumar, delivered the Independence Day message.