Inauguration of Intramural Sports Fest URJA 2023

After a 3-year-long hiatus, Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth successfully organised its second intramural sports fest Urja 2023. The fest was inaugurated on Thursday, 16 March 2023. Urja is jam-packed with all possible sports events, right from Athletics, to Badminton, Kabbaddi, Chess, Carroms, Football, Cricket, Throwball etc.

Durga Manju Rajeev and Steve Romy (2nd year BSc Applied Psychology (Hons.) were the hosts for the inauguration ceremony. The event commenced with the rendition of a prayer by Ms. Soumya and Ms. Gouri.

The official programme began with the introduction of the General Captain of Urja 2023— Krishnaveni Varma (3rd year BCom). Krishnaveni has not only made CVV proud by conquering the Kerala State Drop Roball Championships, but has also represented Kerala at the national level competitions. Krishnaveni was invited to receive the CVV emblem flag from the Honourable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ajay Kapoor.

For Urja, all the CVV students are divided into four teams or houses, named after the elements of nature—Jal, Prithvi, Vayu and Agni. After the introduction to the General Captain, the event moved on to the introduction of all the four houses. This included all the teams marching forward to the ground from the CVV Auditorium, led from the front by their respective captains and vice captains, followed by an introductory dance performance from all the four teams.

After the completion of all the introductory performances, the captains of all the teams were called one-by-one to receive their team flags from the Honourable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ajay Kapoor. This was followed by the Oath Taking Ceremony. The ceremony was led by Krishnaveni.
Prof. Ajay Kapoor delivered the inaugural address and declared Urja 2023 open. Dr. Sunitha Grandhee (Dean–Academics, CVV) presented the Felicitation Address, followed by a few words from the esteemed Registar Dr. Rahul Sharma who conveyed his best wishes to the students.

The efforts and much-deserved success of two extremely bright and successful girls of CVV were recognised by the CVV family. The day before the inaugural ceremony, Ms. Durga Suresh Varma and Ms. Lubnaa Shibu, both students of first year BSc Applied Psychology (Hons.) were the runners-up at the Cardinal Parekkattil Memorial Inter-Collegiate Badminton Doubles Tournament, organised by the Bharat Mata College of Commerce and Arts, Aluva. The girls were congratulated and felicitated for their efforts, by Prof. Ajay Kapoor.

The most-awaited segment of the inaugural ceremony occurred next—Prof. Ajay Kapoor and Mr. Anish P. S. (Assistant Director, Department of Physical Education) together revealed the trophy for the overall champions of Urja 2023—the Urja Vice Chancellor Trophy.

The formal function culminated with the singing of the Indian National Anthem. After this, Prof. Ajay Kapoor, Dr. Sunitha Grandhee, and Dr. Rahul Sharma were invited into the auditorium to play a small round of chess, carrom and table tennis to officially kick-off the sports events lined up for Urja 2023.

The order of the teams, and its leaders are as follows:

Team Jal
: Mr. Jayashankar O. K. (3rd year Integrated B.A.B.Ed. English)
Vice Captain: Ms. Lubnaa Shibu (1st year B.Sc. Applied Psychology (Hons.))

Team Prithvi
: Mr. Kunal Sheth (2nd year BBA)
Vice Captain: Ms. Drishya V. Pillai (2nd Year B.Sc. Applied Psychology (Hons.))

Team Vayu
: Mr. Pranav S. (3rd year BBA)
Vice Captain – Ms. Janet Elza Varughese (1st Year B.Com. (Hons.))

Team Agni
: Mr. Hrishikesh K. (3rd year BCom)
Vice Captain: Ms. Nivedita Anand Iyer (2nd year B.Sc. Applied Psychology (Hons.))

Report by: Ms. Durga Manju Rajeev (2nd year B.Sc. Applied Psychology (Hons.

Report by: Ms. Durga Manju Rajeev (2nd year BSc Applied Psychology (Hons.)