Illuminating the History of Mathematics: A Unique Exhibition at CVV

The School of Ethics, Governance, Culture, and Social Systems organised an enlightening poster exhibition on the history of mathematical concepts from the ancient era to the present day. The exhibition was organised as a part of the National Mathematics Day celebration on 22nd December 2023 at the Onakkoor facility and continues to be open to all.

Contrary to the common perception that there exists no correlation between art and mathematics, this display highlighted the significant contributions made to mathematics by luminaries such as Florence Nightingale and the world-renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci. Their invaluable contributions to the field of mathematics remain thought-provoking and significant, resonating deeply within the realms of this exhibition.

With a collection of 160 posters spread across an area of 2000 square feet, this exhibition is a testament to the collaborative and dedicated effort of students and faculty. Faculty members provided detailed explanations regarding the exhibition, simplifying mathematical concepts for visitors.