IKS-OLA – Sessions in May 2020

OLA-IKS session 13 (7 May) on Vedic Rudra and Puranic Shiva. The speaker took the audience through the images of Rudra and Shiva and gave an overview of Rudra and Shiva in folk literature and tradition. Rudra in the Vedic times is the stormy wind, who is fiery and makes a loud sound. The epithets of Rudra in the Rigveda and Samaveda describe him as Ugra, Neelakantha, Mahadeva and so on. These descriptions bring Rudra closer to Puranic Shiva. Similar to Ekadasha Rudras the many other expressions of Shiva such as Eka murti Shiva, Trimurthi Shiva, Ashtamurthi Shiva and so on were explained. The story of Linga worship of Shiva was also discussed. The class described the rituals and mantras offered to Rudra and Shiva. Stories of Shiva and Parvathi, especially in folk literature were also narrated. 


OLA-IKS session 14 (14 May) on Yajurveda and Samaveda. Prof. Mahulikar described the objectives and purpose of the mantras in the respective Vedas. While Yajurveda elucidates ritualistic practices and different yajnas like the Ashwamedha Yajna, the Sama Veda showcases the foundations of musicology as it presents musically rendered chants. Explaining the etymology of Yajna and Sama, the speaker took the participants through the tradition and rules of yajna. The differentiation between Krishna Yajur Veda and Shukla Yajur Veda was also further discussed. The class also described the various musical instruments that are mentioned in the Sama Veda. 


OLA-IKS session 15 (21 May) on the Atharvaveda. The session dealt with the various names of the Atharvaveda and their significance. The content of the Atharvaveda was classified under medicinal, philosophical, socio-cultural, royal and hymns used for black magic, The etymology, chronology and the inclusion of the Atharvaveda in Vedic literature were the other topics discussed.