Open Learning for All (OLA) Sessions on IKS—March 2021

Session 47 (04 March)

At the talk on ‘The Big Bang and The Sages’, Sri Sidharth Chhabra, Researcher at Vedic Preservation Initiative, spoke on the stunning agreement of modern science’s timeline of history of the Universe and the Earth with that of the Pauranic literature of India, and why he believes Puranas have much more to offer to the modern sciences.

Session 48 (18 March)

Dr. Arundhati Sundar, Visiting Professor at Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth spoke on ‘Extraordinary Women from the Mahabharata’. She highlighted the fascinating portrayal of femininity and heroism in the Mahabharata, through its extraordinary women characters, and reflected on some of the timeless challenges of life faced by the individual and society.