IKS-OLA – June 2020

OLA-IKS session 16 (4 June) After the discussion of the four Vedas, the four Upavedas were discussed. Ayurveda is traditionally regarded to be the Upaveda of the Rigveda. It is a life science and deals with the curative and preventive aspect of diseases, through holistic treatment. Ayurveda works on the seven structural units of the body: plasma, blood, flesh, fat, bones, nerves and semen and the three doshas: kapha, vata pitta.

OLA-IKS session 17 (11 June) Dr. Vinayak Rajat Bhat, Head and Assistant Professor at CVV’s School of Vedic Knowledge Systems, spoke on Ayurveda and epidemics. He dealt with dinacarya (daily routine) and rutucarya (seasonal routine). He explained how those who follow a lifestyle, maintain discipline and follow rules about personal hygiene, all as prescribed by Ayurveda, they can remain healthy.

OLA-IKS session 18 (18 June) In this session, Prof. Mahulikar expounded on the Dhanurveda, which is the Upaveda of the Yajurveda. The Dhanurveda deals with the science of warfare in general and archery in particular. The speaker described the different weapons and astras that have been mentioned in the Vedas and explained in detail the different kinds of arrows, their appearances and the purpose of using these astras.

OLA-IKS session 19 (22 June) The OLA session to be held on 25 June was brought forward to 22 June it being Kalidasa Day. Prof. Mahulikar delivered a talk on the symbolism and allegories in Kalidasa’s famed work Shakunthalam. The talk vividly described the nature symbolisms and showed how Shakunthala’s emotions were reflected through nature.

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