IKS-OLA – February 2020

Open Learning for All or OLA is a free webinar series by Dean of CVV, Dr. Gauri Mahulikar, on Indian Knowledge systems, held every Thursday.

The three sessions in February covered the following topics:

OLA 5 on Subhashitani

Subhashita-s are good sayings, meant to advise people, inculcate values in them and practically guide them to lead a purposeful life. Verses praising gods and good people, teaching morality, brain teasers, riddles are some of the types.

OLA 6 on Epithets and Attributes of Vedic Agni 

Agni is one of the important deities of the Rig Veda. It’s seen as sacrificial fire, funeral fire or wild fire on the earth, as lightning in the atmosphere and as the Sun in the celestial world. The Rig Veda glorifies Agni with various significant epithets and attributes which are examined etymologically in this OLA talk.

OLA 7 on Ramayana – A Global Epic

The Ramayana is not just an epic of India but it is universal literature and a global epic. More than its regional versions in all Indian languages, one is amazed to find versions of it in Malaysian, Indonesian, Javanese, Nepalese and Sri Lankan languages. Buddhist and Jains have their own versions, which present a fusion of language, religion, culture and ethnicity

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