Open Learning for All (OLA) on IKS—February 2021

Session 45 (04 February)

Nithin Ramakrishnan (Assistant Professor of International Law, School of Ethics, Governance, Culture and Social Systems) discussed the  inter-relationship between Dharmasastra and Nitisastra with a view to reimagine an world order based on Bharatiya values in the second part of his talk on ‘Introduction to Dharmasastra and Nitisastra: Imagining a World of Bharatiya Values (Part 2)’.

Session 46 (18 February)

During her talk on ‘Ancient Lores, Forever New – Introduction to the Purana-s’, Prof. Gauri Mahulikar spoke on the Pauranic literature of India and its continued relevance to humankind, while also discussing their content, nature, symbolisms and methodology adopted.