Session 24 (6 August): 
As a part of the Sanskrit Masa celebrations, this was a special talk by Dr. L. Sampath Kumar, Head and Assistant Professor at CVV’s School of Linguistics and Literary Studies on ‘Sanskrit: A Blueprint for the Future’.The speaker expounded on how this ancient language is a storehouse of various branches of knowledge. This grammatically perfect language has been adopted by modern mathematicians and technologists as well.

Session 25 (13 August):
This too was a special talk in celebration of Sanskrit Masa by Sanskrit scholar Dr. Prasad Bhide who is also an eminent Sanskrit playwright and director. Dr. Bhide spoke on ‘Sanskrit Theatre: Past, Present and Future’. He discussed the glorious past of Sanskrit theatre deliberating on different factors of enacting a drama on various occasions. He pointed out some challenges in staging dramas in the present and provided a roadmap for the future.

Session 26 (20 August):
In celebration of Krishna Janmashtami, Dean of CVV, Prof. Gauri Mahulikar spoke on Krishna’s journey from Gokula to Kurukshetra via Vrindavan and Mathura. The Blue Boy of Vrindavan, the enchanter and attractor was a great friend, philosopher and guide of the bewildered Arjuna. Krishna’s advice on the battlefield of Kurukshetra is an eternal booster to dejected souls.

Session 27 (27 August):
Dr. Nagendra Pavana, Assistant Professor from CVV’s School of Vedic Knowledge Systems spoke on the Vedangas, the auxiliary and supplementary limbs of the Vedas. He started with Siksha, the art and science of articulation and chanting the mantras, which is Vedic Phonology, one of the six Vedangas. The pronunciation of every phoneme is assigned to a specific part in the mouth cavity, giving rise to surds, aspirates, nasals and so on.