Workshop on Indian Perspective on Health Time and Managing Lifestyles

An online 7-hour Professional Development Programme on Indian Perspective on Health Time and Managing Lifestyles was one of the mega events organised as part of the संस्कृतमासः २०२० (Sanskrit Month 2020) celebrations at CVV.

The workshop was conducted online by Dr. Vinayak Rajat Bhat, Assistant Professor and Head, School of Vedic Knowledge Systems, over seven days from 31 July to 9 August, every evening from 7 to 8 pm. 21 participants from across the country and from the US and Australia participated in this workshop.

While Dr. Bhat was the main resource person, there were three other speakers as well—Dr. Swarna Ranjita Bhat and Dr. Janani Jaishankar from the Government Ayurvedic Medical College, Bengaluru and Dr. Kruthika Bheemappa from TAMC, Davanagere.

The main objective of the workshop was to make the participants aware of Ayurvedic terms and the lifestyle to be followed to lead a healthy and happy life. Starting with the definition of ‘healthy’ by Dr. Bhat, Dr. Swarna Ranjita carried it forward with a discussion on Tridosha and their properties. She explained how to identify their nature with respect to Tridosha.

Dr. Janani Jaishankar gave input on epidemics and explained how individuals can manage their daily and seasonal routines based on Ayurveda. Dr. Kruthika Bheemappa expounded in detail on the importance of sleep. The programme ended with a session on the management of water and food intake presented by Dr. Bhat.

The feedback from the participants was positive in general. They shared that they had received good inputs and would like to know about more such courses organised by CVV.