The Hindu Edge Education Career Counselling & Guidance Programme 2018

Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth (CVV) joined on board as the presenting sponsor for The Hindu Career Counselling & Guidance program 2018 conducted across 5 cities in Kerala between 28th November to 7th December, 2018. The series was inaugurated in the capital city of Trivandrum on 28th November with Dr. B. Ashok, IAS, Registrar, CVV as the chief speaker of the day. He elucidated on the topic – “The meaning and purpose of higher education” at the Alakapuri Auditorium in Trivandrum where 500 plus students from 7 institutions attended the programme. Many other dignitaries were also present on the occasion.

As the event moved to Kochi on 30th November, Dr. Ashok once again took centre stage addressing close to 600 students from 6 institutions speaking to them about dierent unique options in higher education. On both occasions he motivated the students to make informed choices for their undergraduate studies.

In Kottayam and Kozhikode, Dr Hari Sundar, Associate Professor, School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems, CVV delivered an engaging talk on “Relevance of Indian Knowledge Systems in Undergraduate Education”. Thousand students across 10 higher secondary schools benetted from listening to this out of the box topic. “Education with a dierence: University in the 21st Century India” was the topic of Dr Vanisree’s talk at the Thrissur event as she shared stage space with the District Collector of Thrissur, T V Anupama IAS. Being the Head of the School of Ethics, Law, Governance & Culture at CVV, Dr. Vanisree encouraged the 650 students present there from 6 schools to research their choices well before deciding on any one course. The Admissions team was present on all venues having their very aesthetically designed kiosk in place with programme brochures and an ongoing LED display screen with interesting photos and videos about the university. They interacted with the accompanying staff of all the school goers in the audience, explaining about the university’s unique UG programmes and handed posters for their respective school notice board displays. The team also networked with the co-participants in the event inviting their lead speakers to visit the University for any mutual cooperation possibilities.

The highlight of all the events was a quiz created and hosted by the Admissions team of CVV asking the higher secondary students questions from a variety of topics ranging from space science, current sports and many others like ancient Indian medicinal practices. They received enthusiastic participation in all the ve venues and the task of correcting, scoring and deciding the top three winners was undertaken by the team at each venue immediately after conducting the quiz. The schools whose students received the prizes carried back happy memories from the event and the prize winners were given a certicate holder each with age appropriate books chosen from Chinmaya Vani as prizes.