Grand Conclusion of Annual Sports Festival URJA 2024

The much-awaited annual sports meet Urja 2042 was kicked off on 18th March 2024 with an electrifying opening ceremony that set the stage for two weeks of exhilarating competition and camaraderie. Organised by the Department of Physical Education and Sports, this annual event aims to promote physical fitness, mental agility, and social cohesion among our student body. Prof. Ramesh Pattni, Professor Emeritus from the School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Scientific Heritage declared URJA 2024 open.

The students were divided into four houses: Agni, Vayu, Jal, and Prithvi. Over two weeks, they participated in a wide array of sports and games, including throwball, volleyball, cricket, football, table tennis, chess, badminton, tug of war, and athletics. The events were held alternately, providing students with diverse opportunities to showcase their talents and sportsmanship. The athletic meet, which concluded the festivities, witnessed students from both our Onakoor and Warriam Road facilities competing passionately.

In the girls’ throwball match, house Prithvi emerged victorious after a nail-biting competition with Jal, which came in second. In the boys’ volleyball match, house Jal claimed the top spot, leaving no room for anyone else to contest.

The matches took place at the magnificent Olympus Arena in Thammanam. The atmosphere was electric as the teams battled it out for the coveted trophy. Amidst cheers and applause from the enthusiastic crowd, team Prithvi emerged champions in the thrilling cricket tournament.

In football, Prithvi emerged as the winner, with house Agni as the runner-up. In table tennis, Agni won the title for men, while Prithvi came in second place. Prithvi was declared the winner of the women’s table tennis competition and Agni was the runner-up.

A big shout out to the winners of the athletic competitions Sai Priya S. (M.Sc. Psychology), Aswanth PK (B.Sc.B.Ed.) and Advaith Sajith (B.Com.).

After two weeks of intense competition, House Prithvi emerged as the champions with a total of 78 points, showcasing exceptional talent and teamwork. House Jal secured the second position with 69 points, followed by house Vayu with 53 points and house Agni with 41 points. 

Recognising the importance of promoting holistic well-being, games and recreational activities were organised for the faculty and staff too at the Warriam Road campus on 3rd  April 2024. The enthusiastic participation of faculty and staff added to the vibrant atmosphere of Urja 2024, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity. From the classic and exhilarating Tug of War to the agility and precision-required badminton matches, everyone participated enthusiastically and there were amazing skills on display.

After two weeks of exciting competitions and unforgettable moments, the grand finale was held on 6th April 2024 at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Tripunithura. Everyone came together to celebrate the achievements of the participants and honour their dedication and sportsmanship. Dr. Sudheer Babu Yarlagadda (Provost, CVV) gave the felicitation speech. Dr. Sunitha Grandhee (Dean, Lifelong Learning and Wellness, CVV), and Leela Ramamurthy (Trustee, CMECT GC and President, Vidyalaya Board of Management) were also present.

With over 150 students actively participating in various events, Urja 2024 exemplified the spirit of sportsmanship, cohesion, and team spirit. The involvement of students was commendable, reflecting their dedication and enthusiasm towards physical activity and healthy competition.