Global Series – August 2021

Session 8 – 7 Things I wish I knew in School about Success in Life

The 8th edition of the Global Series featured Vishnu Karthik, CEO of Heritage Group of Schools based out of Gurgaon. Originally from Chennai, Vishnu is an alumnus of Harvard University, USA. After completing his MBA from a top-grade management institute in India, he was soon making a mark in the corporate world, steadily climbing up the ladder of success. He gave all that up to pursue his passion for education. 

At the Global Series webinar held on 4 August 2021, Vishnu spoke on ‘7 Things I wish I knew In School About Success in Life’. Looking back at his life, he wishes that there was somebody to share with him the wisdom he has gained now. Vishnu effectively communicated his views on success in life. He started by saying that success does not exist at all in life! We can only learn who we truly are ourselves and lead a meaningful life. He further spoke about how talent is not the key but grit and determination is what takes us forward. We must continue working passionately and talent comes to us naturally. This happens due to the strengths and competencies we develop over years of hard work put in by us.

He mentioned a very interesting point about how it is useless to pursue happiness or success in life. Rather that the pursuit of meaning in our life is the best method to give direction to our lives and attain the bliss that we all crave for. To truly reach this goal he indicated clearly that one must master one’s own mind and develop consistent routines as well as small yet steady progress in life. He said that we should all start as early as possible so that we reach where we want to be in life.

The session was followed by some interesting questions to which Vishnu gave concise and apt answers. The points shared by Vishnu Karthik during the talk were clear and inspired the listeners to take charge of their own lives.

Listen to the talk here:

Session 9 – Energy Swaraj: Essence of Sustainability

The ninth edition of the Global Series featured Prof. Dr. Chetan Singh Solanki, Professor at the Department of Energy Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay. Often called the ‘Solar Man of India’ and ‘Solar Gandhi’ for his remarkable work in the field of solar energy, he is an educator, innovator, researcher, entrepreneur, author and loves to talk about the philosophy of life.

At the Global Series webinar held on 14 August 2021, Prof. Solanki spoke on ‘Energy Swaraj: Essence of Sustainability’. He talked about the current situation of the Earth, the importance of drastic measures required, the fundamental laws of existence/sustainability, about Energy Swaraj and steps to attain it.  The session gave a clear idea of what Energy Swaraj is and how the movement is a stepping stone towards energy access, energy sustainability, and climate change mitigation.

The session was followed by some thought-provoking questions to which Prof. Solanki gave befitting answers to bring everyone on the same page. The points shared by Prof. Solanki during the talk were precise and inspiring.

Listen to the talk here:

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