Gatih Govinda Keertanam with Shri. Srinivasa Bhagavatar

Following the successful completion of the first module of the Sampradaya Bhajans with the Thodayamangalam in May 2023, expert faculty, Shri. Srinivasa Bhagavatar 

who is a follower of Sri Sri Krishnapremi Swamigal. His repertoire of bhajans spans across Dakshina sampradaya, Abhangs, Rasiya (in Braj bhasha) and Vallabha Sampradaya (in Gujarati).

Shri. Srinivasa Bhagavatar took the participants through the second module covering Guru Keertanams, shlokas and namavalis in the ‘Gatih Govinda Keertanam’ workshop from 20th to 22nd May 2024. Interesting anecdotes from the lives of the three gurus—Sri Bodhendra Saraswati Swamigal, Sri Sridhar Ayyaval and Sri Sadguru Swamigal—were enumerated with much devotion.

This was a free online workshop for anyone interested. Shri. Srinivasa Bhagavatar is a storehouse of knowledge, full of devotion and has unmatched musical skills. He is most willing to impart his knowledge to one and all.

The earlier sessions and some of the latest ones are uploaded on YouTube: