Financial Literacy Programme

On 06 May 2023, the Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth’s Office of Training and Placement (TIPO) organised a financial literacy programme at the Warriam Road Facility. The programme aimed at educating students about the significance of financial literacy and providing them with foundational knowledge on stock market investing. Mr. Anandhu K. Shaji, Deputy Manager at the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd., expertly guided the session as the resource person.

Dr. Rakhy K. S (Assistant Professor, School of Contemporary Knowledge System (CKS)), introduced the programme emphasizing the role of investment in long-term financial planning and growth. Mr. Anandhu Shaji then took the stage, explaining the concept of financial literacy and delving into various aspects of stock market investing, including types of stocks, risks involved, and the significance of diversification. He also provided insights into reading stock quotes and interpreting stock charts.

The session proved to be immensely informative for the 90 B.Com. students, offering them an invaluable opportunity to engage, ask questions, and receive clarifications on their doubts. Mr. Anandhu Shaji graciously addressed their queries, fostering an interactive and engaging environment. Dr. Manjula R. Iyer (Assistant Dean, CVV) honoured Mr. Anandhu Shaji with a University Shawl (Ponnada) as a token of appreciation. The event drew to a close with a vote of thanks by Dr. Sanitha A. C. (Assistant Professor, School of CKS). 

Rhishab Nair and Goury S. (Final Year B.Com.) were the student coordinators while Dr. Ambily A. S. (Head, School of CKS) was the faculty coordinators.