Finance Talk Series—An Interaction with India Heads of ACCA

As a part of the Finance Talk Series (eighth talk), an initiative of the School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems (CKS), students had the privilege of engaging with ACCA India’s leaders, Mr. Mohammed Sajid Khan (Director – India, ACCA) and Mr. Kush Ahuja (Associate Director – India, ACCA). The event was held at the CVV Auditorium in Chinmaya Prajna Prathishthanam, CVV’s facility on Warriam road, on 20 September 2023. The session encompassed essential topics including employability, skill development, and practical application.

The event commenced with a prayer led by Miss Goury and Miss Soumya (second-year BBA students) followed by a warm welcome from Dr. Abha Mohan (Assistant Professor, School of CKS). Also present were Prof. Ajay Kapoor (Vice Chancellor, CVV), Dr. T. Asokan (Dean of Academics, CVV), Dr. A. S. Ambily (Head, School of CKS), officials from Logic School of Management and faculty members of School of CKS.

A significant moment in the event transpired as Prof. Ajay Kapoor and Mr. Mohammed Sajid Khan exchanged an MoU signifying a strategic collaboration between ACCA India and CVV. This collaboration includes granting exemptions on nine papers (F1-F9) of ACCA. Following this, the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor addressed the students expressing his gratitude and appreciation to the guests, the Head of CKS and Dr. Vinod R R for their efforts in facilitating this collaboration.

Subsequently, Mr. Mohammed Sajid Khan led an interactive session with the students, delving into the essential skills that enhance one’s employability in the job market. These skills encompassed technical expertise, communication skills, emotional intelligence, creative and innovative problem-solving, digital proficiency, and practical experience. He also emphasised the significance of having the right attitude toward one’s career and work. Mr. Khan emphasized to the ACCA aspirants in the audience the importance of maintaining mental clarity in order to focus, preparedness to meet the demands, and the commitment to pay the necessary price today for future success. He concluded by urging students to take immediate, sustainable actions and maintain motivation by recalling their core reasons for embarking on this journey.

Following this, Mr. Kush Ahuja addressed the students, emphasizing the enduring demand for finance professionals in all sectors worldwide. He underscored the distinction between being a professional and an academic graduate, highlighting the need for continuous self-improvement, as nothing falls outside the purview of industry requirements. Towards the end of the session, both Mr. Khan and Mr. Ahuja welcomed questions from the students and were warm enough to provide precise responses to the queries posed by students.

Further proceedings involved the presentation of token gestures of gratitude to the resource persons by Dr. Manjula R. Iyer (Assistant Dean and Associate Professor, School of CKS) and Dr. Vinod R. R. (Director–Training, Internship, and Placement). The event concluded with Dr. A. S. Ambily extending her vote of thanks to all, followed by a rendition of shanti mantra by Miss Goury and Miss Soumya.

Report by:
Deeptha M. Namboothiri
Second year B.Com. (Hons.), CV