Evocation 2k23 – Farewell to B.Com. (Hons.) & BBA Students

On 01 June 2023, the second and fourth-semester students of BBA (Hons.) and B.Com. (Hons.) organised a farewell event ‘EVOCATION 2K23’ to bid farewell to the outgoing students of the School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems (CKS). The farewell commenced at 2:30 pm with a warm welcome extended to the senior students as they entered the auditorium. Dr. A. S. Ambily (Head, School of CKS) delivered the welcome address.

The BBA and B.Com. students presented a diverse range of cultural programmes showcasing their talents and skills. A heartfelt video capturing the memorable moments of the outgoing students was presented by the junior students. The outgoing batch shared their reflections and experiences of their time at the University. To add excitement to the event, a special fashion show was organised, where the outgoing students eagerly participated, competing for the titles of Mr. and Ms. Chinmaya.

The outgoing students were honoured with mementoes as a token of appreciation, followed by faculty members expressing their thoughts and sentiments with the students. A photo session was arranged for the outgoing batch and faculty members to capture cherished memories. The event paused for a snack break, allowing everyone to refresh and rejuvenate. The program concluded with an enthralling DJ show by ASHPRO and music by POLK.

The event concluded in the evening leaving behind cherished memories for the outgoing students and a sense of gratitude for their time at the School of CKS and the University.

The event was diligently coordinated by a group of students, including Mr. Kunal Girish Sheth (second year BBA (Hons.)), Ms. Niveditha P. K. (First Year BBA (Hons.)), and Niya Vinu Panicker, Sruthi .S, Namrata R. Nair, Prince Prasad, Hrishikesh Binu, Venkitachalam K. R., D. Rohit Salunkheom, and John Rocson (all from first year B.Com. (Hons.)).