Environment Day Celebration at CVV

The Education Department of the School of Ethics, Governance, Culture and Social Systems (EGCS) and NSS Unit of Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth organised a session on ‘Say No to Plastic’ on 5th June 2023 in celebration of World Environment Day.
The event began with the distribution of saplings to the seva staff of CVV. The saplings were sponsored by the Federal Bank, Arakunnam Branch and presented by the bank’s staff.

This was followed by a presentation by Aswathi A. (third year B.Sc.B.Ed. Mathematics) and Anitta Biju (second year B.Sc.B.Ed. Mathematics), students of CVV. The main objective of the session was to create awareness about the consequences of burning plastic and plastic toxicity.

To highlight the consequences of plastic burning, a video by Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Chief Homeopathic Physician, Department of Homeopathy, was played. It was followed by a few videos which included experiences of victims having illnesses caused by plastic.
The event ended with the seva workers sharing their experiences. The session came out with the common opinion that the use of plastic inside the campus was high and it was high time to take stringent action to reduce the usage of plastic inside the campus. It was unanimously decided to collect fines from those who carry excessive plastic to the campus in the form of carry bags, snack packaging, and soft drink bottles.

The following are suggestions put forth by the students and seva workers:

1. To provide green and red (bio and non-bio degradable) waste baskets on each floor.
2. Ensure that no plastic waste is burned on campus.
3. Segregate plastics separately and hand them over to Harithakarmasena, Edakkattuvayal Panchayat.
4. Screen and ban the entry of plastic carry bags at the main security gate.
6. To work towards a plastic-free environment inside the campus.