Entrepreneurship for Musicians – Report

Weekend 1

A unique and tailor-made course, ‘Entrepreneurship for Musicians’, was launched as a Minor course for the B.A. students of Music at CVV’s Chinmaya Naada Bindu Gurukula campus at Kolwan, Pune, on 7th March 2020. The course is designed to gear up students to take on the world outside of the Gurukula once they graduate.

Designed by Shri Ulhas Joshi, an IIM-A graduate with over four decades of experience in various industries, this course has elements of Time Management, Negotiation Skills, Etiquettes, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Finance Management, Piracy Laws, Performance Monitoring and Feedback, Organising Music Events, Self-branding, Setting Personal Goals, Music Teaching as a Career, etc.

The course is spread over four weekends and will be delivered by Shri Joshi, Shri Vidhu Sharma, a certified coach and Dr. Lakshmi Varanasi, an educator.

The VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world window was shown by Shri Joshi and topics like Time Management, Negotiation Skills and Etiquettes/Netiquettes were covered in the first two days, mainly by Shri Vidhu Sharma.

Registrations are open for upcoming modules.

Contact: admissionscnbg@cvv.ac.in | +91 90110 04549 , +91 77208 29000





Weekend 2

During the second weekend of the course, (13th to 15th March), Shri Ulhas Joshi introduced topics like Marketing and Digital Marketing. The students worked in groups to make detailed marketing plans for a product or service.

In the Social Media session, he elaborated on the use and benefits of Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The last session was on Basic Finance for non-finance individuals. Students worked in groups to decide the pricing of tickets for a concert organised with a surplus-margin in mind. In the next activity, the participants worked individually to develop an investment plan for a given amount.

The presentations were interesting and gave an idea of how much the students enjoyed the ‘non-musical’ subject.