Dr. Raisun Mathew wins the Nissim International Fiction Prize 2024

Dr. Raisun Mathew, Assistant Professor of English, was honoured with the Nissim International (I) Prize for Fiction 2024 for his authored book In-Between: Liminal Stories (2022), by the Significant League (TSL) in collaboration with Nissim India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi at the India International Centre, New Delhi on 30th March 2024.

The book presents a diverse array of ten short stories and poems exploring the in-between situations of human existence. It explores the complexities of anxiety, ambiguity, and uncertainty through varying narrative styles and themes. Each story, prefaced by a poem, challenges conventional storytelling by dealing with themes such as dementia, pandemic insecurities, eventual entanglements, authoritarianism, border disputes, ageing anxieties, environmental crises, and gender dynamics.