Dr. Pramod Invited to Speak at a UGC-HRDC Refresher Course

The UGC-Human Resource Development Centre (UGC-HRDC), University of Kerala, held a Refresher Course in Social Sciences from 18 November to 01 December 2022. Over 30 faculty members from universities and colleges from across the country participated. Dr. Pramod Dinakar (Head, School of Ethics, Governance, Culture and Social systems), took up a session on ‘Emerging Instructional Paradigms for Social Sciences” on 25 November 2022, from 1:45 pm to 4:15 pm. The session included three sub-sections: 1. NEP and Higher Education – Curricular Perspectives 2. Psycho-Socio-Educational Bases of Higher Education and 3. Emerging Paradigms for Social sciences. The session was interactive in nature and included a Q & A at the end. 

There are only 66 UGC-Human Resource Development Centres (UGC-HRDC) across India and only three in Kerala. It is commendable to be invited as a Resource Person for any refresher courses/induction programmes organized by any UGC-HRDC. Faculty members participate in refresher courses to keep themselves updated about advances in the subject, teaching methodology, and research. It is also a mandatory requirement for promotions.