Dr. Gauri Mahulikar’s Talk at The College of New Jersey

On Tuesday 17th September, Chinmaya Mission Tristate members Rabindraji and Bandaruji drove Prof. Mahulikar to The College of New Jersey (TCNJ). She was invited by Prof. Manish Paliwal, a mechanical engineer by training and Department Chair, to deliver a talk there.  Prof Paliwal also teaches courses on Hinduism. He had heard about Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth at a talk by Swami Mitrananda at Chinmaya Vrindavan last year. When Prof. Paliwal heard about Gauriji’s University Tour, he invited her to come and give a lecture on ‘Why Learn Indian Philosophy.’ The Department of Philosophy Chair joined in to co-host the lecture for philosophy students.   

It was a well-arranged talk, attended by around 25 students and some faculty. The presentation started at 11 AM sharp. Gauri Mahulikar spoke for almost 50/55 minutes on an overview of Indian Philosophy and its relevance, followed by discussion, and questions and answers. It was a good discussion, lasting till 12.30 pm. Dr. Pierre Le Morvan, Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy, Religion, and Classical Studies, gave the vote of thanks and gifted a water bottle with TCNJ logo on it.

He was very interested in getting a copy of Mahulikar’s PowerPoint presentation, and they discussed a possible joint project on philosophy and comparative religion. Following the talk, Prof Mahulikar had lunch with Prof. Paliwal, and invited him to visit CVV in person.