Dr. L. Sampath Kumar Delivers Keynote Address at FDP

The Bharat Vidya Prayojana Division of Indra Gandhi National Centre for the Arta, Ministry of Culture, conducted a five-day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) in collaboration with NSS College, Pandalam, and Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth Deemed to be University from 11th to 15th March 2024. The theme of the FDP was ‘Introduction to IKS Incorporating Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights’. 

Dr. L. Sampath Kumar, Head, School of Linguistics and Literary Studies (LLS), CVV, delivered the keynote address at the inauguration. Expounding on his topic, ‘Why is the Study of IKS Needed?, Dr. Sampath Kumar said that despite India’s extensive expertise across diverse disciplines throughout history, our failure to adequately document and pursue patents has led to significant setbacks. This was evident when an American company successfully secured a patent for neem as a pesticide, depriving us of rightful recognition. Subsequently, another attempt was made to patent turmeric for its medicinal qualities. Without a robust understanding and utilisation of Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS), safeguarding our intellectual property remains challenging. This issue extends beyond economic concerns, striking at the heart of national pride and sovereignty.