Prof. Gauri Mahulikar’s Interview by Collegedunia

Dean of Faculty, Prof. Gauri Mahulikar was interviewed by Collegedunia, an extensive search engine for all those who are in search of information pertaining to the higher education sector in India and abroad. In this interview, Prof. Mahulikar explains how CVV pedagogies, teaching methodologies and curriculum work together to provide the perfect blend of Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) and Contemporary Knowledge Systems (CKS). She went on to say that the secret key to the ancient treasure of knowledge is the Sanskrit language. 

Further, she spoke about the unique teaching methodologies practised at CVV such as student mentoring (peer learning), the Mitra Concept etc. which ensure that the students are not merely bombarded with information, but are clear with what is being taught and develop conceptual clarity.

The conversation ended with her elaborating on the importance CVV gives to livelihood/employability skill-development through well-designed Minor courses and encouragement of internships and dissertation for the complete transformation of the students in terms of them being career-ready while following their passion.