CVV’s First International Sanskrit Talent Search

In May 2021, Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth launched the first संस्कृत-प्रतिभा-परीक्षा or Sanskrit Talent Search, a national level competition for identifying Sanskrit talent.

It was a three-level test to assess the overall skills of a student in Sanskrit. The participants had to attend an online quiz that tested their general knowledge, theoretical understanding and language aptitude. In the second round, the participants had to write an essay in Sanskrit in about five hundred words on the topic ‘कोरोना-विषमे काले मम अध्ययनानुभवः’. The third was an oral test for the top twenty where their communication skills, understanding of various concepts, ability to apply the rules of the language on the go, and many more such skills were tested.

Over 250 students of classes 10 to 12 participated. The top ten scorers at each level were presented the titled, ‘चिन्मय-बाल-संस्कृत-प्रतिभा’ along with cash prizes.

 नाम Name ClassEducational Institute
1गोपिकारामप्रसादGopika Ramaprasad12National Institute of Open Schooling
2सुश्रुतःएच्एस्Sushruta H. S.11Purnapramati (Anandavana), Bengaluru
3आलोक-कुमारःAlok Kumar12Central Hindu Boys School, Varanasi
4हृषिकराजःHrishik Raj10DAV Public School Cantt Area, Gaya
6अखिला हरिहरन्Akila Hariharan11DAV Girls Senior Secondary School, Chennai
5पराङ्कुशः नम्बिParankusha Nambi10Sri Ramanuja Siddhanta Vidya Peetham, Shrirangam
7पर्णिका कुलकर्णिParnika Kulkarni12V. G. Vaze College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Mumbai
8ऋजुः मण्डलRiju Mondal11Ramakrishna Math Vivekananda Veda Vidyalaya, Howrah
9नीशितासखरडण्डेNeeshita Sakhardande10Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College, Mumbai
10पृथ्वीशेनोय्Prithvi P. Shenoy12 

The participants were from across the world and participated enthusiastically. The test was tough on the part of the examiners as well as the many wonderful participants. It is heartening to see that a lot of Sanskrit teachers motivated their students to participate