CVV Supports E-learning in the Wake of COVID-19

After the COVID-19 pandemic, e-learning could be the new normal. The Government of Kerala’s General Education Department has started an online programme for school students called First Bell, telecast via the Kite Victers YouTube channel.

CVV got to know about a section of students in the vicinity of the Chinmaya Eswara Gurukula campus who lacked facilities for online classes and were finding it difficult to continue their education amidst this crisis. Considering these facts, we appealed to fellow CVV members to donate functional smartphones, which CVV could then donate to the students. The idea was well accepted by all at CVV and we were able to hand over the first smartphone to Master Sino V. P., a student of Government Upper Primary School, Edakkattuvayal, Ernakulam. His younger sister Baby Alphonsa, studying in LKG in the same school, was provided a kit of study materials. The smartphone and study kit were handed over by Soumya S., Registrar-in-charge, on July 16 2020.