CVV Student’s Shine at All India Inter University Drop Roball Championship

CVV participated in the prestigious All India Inter University Drop Roball Championship held at Sandeep University, Nashik, from 17th to 20th May 2024. The event marked a significant milestone for our students as it was their first time competing on such a grand stage. The competition saw the participation of over 25 universities from across the country.

CVV was represented by a dedicated team of nine athletes, four in the women’s team and five in the men’s team. Both teams exhibited exceptional skills and determination, advancing to the quarterfinals in the triples event. This achievement is commendable, considering the high level of competition and the fact that it was their debut in the Drop Roball tournament.

The performance of our students in this championship has significantly elevated the profile of our University in the realm of inter-university sports. Their remarkable debut showcased their talent and hard work and brought recognition to CVV at a national level.

The teams’ performance highlights the success of CVV’s sports programme. The participation and performance of our athletes have set a new benchmark for future competitions. We are proud of their achievements and look forward to supporting and nurturing more talent in the coming years.