CVV Students Participate in South West Yoga Championship

The All India South West Zone Yoga Championship, held at Anna University, Chennai, from 1st to 4th December 2023, served as a platform for universities across the region to showcase their yoga prowess. CVV participated enthusiastically in both men’s and women’s events with six and five participants respectively. 

The championship featured 20 universities, divided into four pools, each vying for a spot in the all-India finals. The competition was fierce, with teams showcasing their skills in various yoga disciplines.

The competition was fierce in the zonal championship. The level of skill and proficiency exhibited by participating universities was exceptionally high. Our teams, however, performed admirably, showcasing a blend of traditional yoga techniques and innovative presentations. The qualifying standards were exceptionally stringent, reflecting the overall high calibre of competition in the South West Zone. It is essential to acknowledge that participating in such a competitive environment contributes significantly to the growth and development of our teams.

The experience gained from competing in the All India South West Zone Yoga Championship serves as a valuable learning opportunity. The feedback from the judges and observations made during the championship will undoubtedly contribute to the refinement of our students’ performance.