CVV Students Interact with Asst. Collector Harshil Meena

On 03 November 2022, the NSS of Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth (CVV) organised an anti-drug awareness campaign at the CEG campus. The chief guest was Shri. Harshil Meena, the Assistant Collector of Ernakulam.

After the session, select students of CVV got an opportunity to interact with the Assistant Collector who shared words of inspiration and answered the students’ questions. The discussion covered various topics including the socio-economic and political aspects of contemporary India. Many felt motivated to join the IAS. 

The following students attended the session:

BA Sanskrit

  1. Hridya S. (third year)
  2. Shivadi Mishra (third year)

MA Sanskrit

  1. Deekshita (second year)

Third-year BSc Applied Psychology

  1. Supreeta Dattatri
  2. Meenakshi Nair K. L.
  3. Sharada
  4. Aparna Vinod
  5. Kamya Krishnakumar
  6. Anaghasree J. P.

BA BEd English

  1. Sreetirth K. K. (Second year )
  2. Maya (First year)

BSc BEd Mathematics

  1. Anita Biju  (Second year)
  2. Sai Avaneesh Raghuram (Third year)
  3. Aswathi Asha (third year)