CVV student Aditya Raja named ‘Ambassador of Women and Children’

Founding member of CVV’s CAD Society Aditya Raja won the UN75 Global Dialogue with a good margin. The event was hosted by the Albertian Foundation on 13 July. The Albertian Foundation is the outreach wing of St. Albert’s College, Ernakulam. Aditya has been conferred the prestigious title of ‘Ambassador of Women and Children’. He now has the opportunity to visit the United Nations Office, in Vienna.

The topic for the dialogue was, ‘Women and Girls—Closing the Gender Gap’. Following the official protocol, Aditya sent his script and video, based on which he was selected as one of the top ten participants of the global dialogue and invited to participate in the live finale with three rounds.

In the first round, Aditya presented a progressive vision for closing the gender gap through the systematic implementation of interventions and better accountability of the existing global UN framework. His call was to increase the say and decision power of the women in the house, workplace and politics.

During the deliberation round, Aditya adopted a complement and supplement approach with his fellow delegates. Not only did he focus on making people aware of gender stereotypes, gender disparity and gender equality but also on making people aware of the existing schemes of the Indian Government like Beti Bachao Beti Badhao and Mahila e-Haat. In the third and final round, Aditya’s call for action was based on his ideas of personal social responsibility, increasing sphere of influences and better execution of the already existing framework and policies at the grassroots level by making them more accountable, more transparent and more robust. ‘Think global, Act local’ was his key insight.

His progressive deliberation and inclusive vision were applauded by all the jury members. His fellow delegates appreciated his positive agenda and fresh insights.