CVP Induction Program at CEG Campus

The monthly Chinmaya Vision Programme (CVP ) workshops for all academic and administrative faculty of the University were launched on 21st October 2023.  The workshops scheduled for the first Saturday of every month aim to orient and empower the academic and administrative faculty with the vision and mission of the University and the larger Chinmaya Education Movement spearheaded by its parent organisation, the Chinmaya Mission.

CVP is the heart of the Chinmaya Education Movement as envisioned by Pūjya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda. It also sets the culture of a Chinmaya education institution through systems and processes. The IKS (Indian Knowledge Systems) vision of the University is not only well integrated but a subset of the CVP. CVP is central to establishing a robust IKS ecosystem in the University. It is also what makes the University stand out and excel among a sea of IKS-focused institutions in the country. Each CVP workshop is designed as a two-hour programme with theoretical and hands-on sessions. They will also serve as ‘family time’ for the academic and administrative faculty of the University.