Chinmaya Badminton League (CBL) 2022 –
Finals & Valedictory ceremony

The Chinmaya Badminton League (CBL) was held over two weeks from 11 to 20 April 2022. Fifty-five students enrolled for the tournament of which twelve were selected to be captains. The twelve team captains placed their bids on players of their choice from all the assembled participants in an auction. Each team comprised of one girl and three boys. 

The CBL was inaugurated by Dr. M. S. Lakshmi Narayanan (Director – Organisational Development, CVV). He gave a motivating speech, encouraging the participants to engage with a spirit of sportsmanship and to learn from the entire process. This was followed by the taking of the oath by the captains and team members.

The twelve teams were divided into four pools. Each pool had 3 teams in it. The initial phase of the tournament consisted of knockout matches after which four teams, one from each pool made it to the semifinals. The final match, between Team 9, led by Ujwal Chavan and Team 12 led by Ajay Venkatesh, was thrilling and had the audience cheering enthusiastically for all the players. 

The final event was the prize distribution ceremony where the chief guest was Dr. Sreevalsa Kumar (Dean of Academics, CVV). The prizes and medals were distributed and the tournament ended on a memorable and lively note. 

The CBL  was organised by the Department of Physical education, headed by Mr. Anish P. S. (Director-Physical Education, CVV) and the faculty in charge Dr. Vinod R. R. (Assitant Professor and Head, School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems, CVV). The Student Organising Committee comprised line judges, referees, scorekeepers etc. and was headed by Student Coordinator Kushal A. (third-year BBA). The events were made possible by the collaborative efforts of the Department of Physical Education, the student organising committee, participants and the audience. Overall, it was successful and has set a high standard for upcoming sports events.